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  • Folger Tech In Milford, NH. Mostly 3D printers and supplies. Some Arduino and other electronics.
  • Worthington Assembly South Deerfield, MA. Somebody at the May meeting said this is a good place to get PCB's assembled. (See Circuit Hub below also.)
  • The Hudson NH library (Rodgers Memorial Library) has a 3D printer and will print things for the public. See under 3D Printing below.



Sparkfun A manufacturer and supplier of hobby electronics. Good tutorials and active forum.

Pololu A manufacturer and supplier of hobby electronics

AdaFruit A manufacturer and supplier of hobby electronics

Servo City A supplier of all things related to servos

Parallax Corp Makers of the Basic Stamp

Mondotronics Robot Store A reseller of kits and parts

Lynxmotion Robotics Hardware A manufacturer of robot kits both ground and aerial.

Bare PCB's

OSH Park PCB manufacturer.

Dirty PCBs PCB manufacturer.

PCB123 Board Schematic and Layout Software (FREE Downloadable Tools)

ExpressPCB Board Schematic and Layout Software (FREE Downloadable Tools)

PCB Assembly and other production.

  • Factory For All Small to Medium Scale Sourcing and Production in China. PCBs, Assembly, Component Sourcing, etc.
  • Low to medium volume PCB assembly. Located in California, but use Worthington (above) for production.

3D Printers/Cutters

Software tools

Arduino Home page Open source software and hardware for Arduino based processors

Raspberry Pi Open source software and hardware for Raspberry Pi based processors]


Seattle Robotics Seattle Washington. Good website but no longer being updated. Fairly active email newsgroup.

Dallas Personal Robot Group

Atlanta Hobby Robot Club

Robot Club and Grill Used to run a robot fighting club around a restaurant. Archive only.

Central Illinois Robot Club

Twin Cities Robotics Group

Vancouver Robot Club

The Robot Group of Austin, Tx

San Fransisco Robot Society

Maker Spaces

  • MakeIt Labs Maker space in Nashua NH
  • Lowell Makes Lowell, MA. I (jr) saw their booth at the Lowell Folk Music Festival in August. Mix of artistic/craft and technical demos.





Trinity College Fire Fighting Robot Competition Run a maze, find a 'fire' and then put it out. Multiple classes for different age and skill levels.

Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition Race your ground vehicle around a course mostly for bragging rights. Held in Boulder CO, in June.

FIRST LEGO League Competition for 9-14 year olds using LEGO Mindstorm kits.

FIRST Robotics Competition Competition for middle and high school students.

Micro Mouse Build small robots to run a maze at blinding speeds. This Wikipedia page gives links to various organizations that run competitions.

BotBall Robot Contest

Blogs or websites of interest

Hackaday Electronic project news aggregator

Adafruit's Blog

SpakFun's Blog

Dangerous Prototypes Open source hardware projects

Robohub Robotic news aggregator

EEVBLOG Watch the crazy Aussie guy talk about electronics. (5 stars)

Mike's Electric Stuff Watch the crazy British guy talk about electronics. (5 stars)

Applied Science Watch the crazy Californian do experiments including buildings his own scanning electronic microscope. (5 stars)


Instructables User submitted instructions/tutorials on wide ranging projects (recipes to rocket ships)

Soldering Basic guide to soldering

Stepper Motor Control Tutorial


Robot Magazine

Microcontroller Journal

Electronics Virtual Trade Show

Nuts-N-Volts Magazine

Micro Robots Book

Misc. Robot Links

Another robotic starting point

Roboty Robotics Homepage

NPC Robotics Leaders in DC Motor Design

Georgia Tech Robot Lab

Lulea University Department of Robotics

Robotics and Automation Laboratory

KISS institute of practical robotics

Engineering Services Inc Consulting Company specializing in custom robotics systems for industry, medical, and military applications.

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