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Please edit the table below with suggestions for meeting talk topics or if you would like to be a presenter. Many topics will require more than one 20 minute talk.

Feel free to add a more specific topic than what's listed.

For example, Robot Programming could have a talk on Behavior Based Programming in general, then another on Behavior Based Programming for Arduino, then one for FPGAs, etc.

If you're interested in a topic that's listed, add to it's Vote count. e.g. If no Vote yet, insert a 1, otherwise increment the Vote by 1.

3D Printing Basics   
3D Printing Tricks   
3D CAD ProgramsSkye, Noah, DarylMultiple 
Schematic Capture and PCB Design Basics   
Open Source/Free/Low Cost Schematic and PCB Tool Summary   
Intro to KiCad   
Intro to Eagle   
PCB Design for Manufacturability   
Getting a PCB Fabricated for Hobbyists   
Getting a PCB Assembled for Hobbyists   
Laser Cutting TricksChris Nichols  
Creating Designs for Laser CuttingChris Nichols  
Motor Basics   
Brushless Motors   
Brush Motors   
Stepper Motors   
Digital Electronics   
Analog Electronics   
Microcontroller Survey   
Microcontroller (specific ones)   
Intro to Arduino   
Use an Arduino to do X (endless supply of topics)   
Intro to Hobby Robotics (various topics here too!)Jay Francis  
Maker Faire   
Overview of SensorsSkye?  
PID loopsSkye?  

Have been presented

Survey of Hobby Robots and KitsJay FrancisMarch 2015Survey
Laser Cutting BasicsChris NicholsMarch 2015Missing
Getting PCBs MadeJoe RothweilerApr 2015Missing
Shenzhen Lithium Polymer Battery FactoryJay FrancisApr 2015Photos/Talk
Visit to Creation Station - Westford MAChris NicholsMay 2015Field Trip
What is an IMUSkye SweeneyJune 2015IMU
So You Have This Cool New Robot....What does it do?Rich MaynardJuly 2015Missing
KiCad Demo - Open Source Schematic Capture and PCB LayoutJay FrancisAug 2015Demo
3D CAD demo with Design Spark MechanicalDaryl GallatinSept 2015Demo
3D CAD demoNoah SchreiberOct 2015Demo
What is an Operating System?Skye SweeneyOct 2015OS
Intro to Robot Operating System (ROS)Bill SchreiberNov 2015Missing
Buying Stuff from ChinaJay FrancisDec 2015Talk
Real Time OSSkye SweeneyJan 2016Real Time OS
What's your favorite tool?EveryoneFeb 2016Discussion
The ESP8266 WiFi ModuleJay FrancisMarch 2016ESP8266
Intro to the FPGASkye SweeneyApr 2016FPGA
Surface mount PCB assembly demonstrationJay FrancisMay 2016Demo
Finite State MachinesSkye SweeneyJune 2016Finite State Machines
Robots and the CloudBill SchreiberJuly 2016Missing
Robot networking: and the ESP8266Jay Francis / Paul BeaudetAug 2016NRB-socket-io
Telemetry: TCP/IP, UDP, Problems and SolutionsJosh RosenSept 2016Missing
Intro to GPSSkye SweeneyOct 2016GPS Overview
2020 BotJay FrancisNov 2016Active blog project
Swap FestEveryoneDec 2016Had to be there...
Tic-Tac-No: The Unbeatable Tic-Tac-Toe AIAlex RutfieldJan 2017Missing
IOT and Machine LearningBill SchreiberFeb 2017Missing
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