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Skye Sweeney
email: Skye at fll-freak dot com

Things I am doing:

  • Building an entry for the SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition (AVC).
  • Building a celestial compass
  • Blogging my website:

Things I talked about during March meeting

  • Request for hints on 3D CAD software
  • My celestial compass (SUNDAR)

Things I talked about during April 2016 meeting

  • Picked TurboCad as my tool to create 3D objects
  • Showed a part I printed on a very high end 3D printer
  • Showed my AVC robot entry.
    • AdaFruit SD card
    • AT91SAM7S256 ARM processor BOB from Olimex
    • Olimex JTAG pod
    • Sparkfun LiPo charger/boost converter
    • Sparkfun DAC for realtime OS debugging
    • Pololu 9DOF IMU
    • Traxxas Rustler RC car
    • Mobius video camera
    • Ublox-7 GPS

--- Gave talk on FSM --- Gave talk on IMUs? --- Gave talk on GPS

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