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Quickstart info

Here's a cheat sheet to get started by creating a new page in the NRB PmWiki:

  1. Come to a club meeting and get a password.
  2. Go to a page your new page will be linked from, like Users
  3. Click the edit button and enter username and password.
  4. Enter a reference to your page, like
    [[ExampleUser]] I play with robots.
  5. Click the "Save" button. You should now see the "Users" page with a link to the new ExampleUser page. There will be a little question mark next to it because the page hasn't been created yet.
  6. Click on the ExampleUser link. An edit window should open where you can start creating your new page.
  7. There's a formatting cheat sheet below the edit window for headers, etc.


This wiki is being hosted on a volunteer basis by (thanks, guys). So I suggest that big stuff (videos, big image collections, big data files, etc) should be uploaded and posted elsewhere (youtube, facebook, etc) and a link provided here on the wiki.

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Page last modified on March 15, 2015, at 04:43 PM